If/Else Statements


There are cases where we need to execute a block of statements only when a particular condition is met. This is called decision making, since we are executing a certain code after making a decision in the program logic. To make decisions through code, we use a concept called if and else statements Syntax They use the following syntax: if(condition){ Statement(s); } else { Other_statement(s); }...

Object Oriented Programming in C++


Introduction What is Object Oriented Programming(OOP)?Object-oriented programming is a programming paradigm that organizes code around data(objects), rather than functions and logic. An object can be defined as a data field that has unique attributes and behavior.For example, let’s take an object and call it Car: object Car; This Car instance can have many attributes: object Car { property...

Getting Started with C++


In this article, you will learn about the basics of the C++ programming language.Here’s what you’ll learn today. What is C++ and why use it?Getting StartedInstalling GCCC++: The BasicsWriting our first ‘Hello World’ programVariables What is C++ and why use it? The C++ programming language is currently regarded as one of the most commonly used languages in the developer ecosystem. In fact, it can...

An Introduction To C++ Operators


As the name suggests, operators are a feature which represent actions. For example, the + operator will add two integers together, or an OR operator will perform comparison actions.In this article, you will learn about the following commonly used operators:1) Basic Arithmetic Operators2) Assignment Operators3) Increment and decrement Operators4) Logical Operators5) Comparison (relational)...

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